Beaded and sparkly feather mini dress. Short dress custom sewn to the bride's measurements.

Beaded and sparkly feather mini dress. Short dress custom sewn to the bride's measurements.

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- Style: Mini dress
- Material: tulle, silk, beads, pearl, lace, feathers
- Sleeve: short sleeve
- Collar: V-deep
- Decoration: bow
- Back side: open back
- Color: white
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- Our store specializes in providing high-end wedding dresses. All are handmade to order.

- We also accept custom orders. You have your own wedding dress model you want us to make, please send a picture and we will quote a price if there is a material.

- Time to complete costumes from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

- Standard shipping time from 10 days to 14 days, fast shipping time 5-7 days.

- You need to order urgently, please contact, our side will respond as quickly as possible. There will be a small additional fee for peak orders.

- We will send you close-up pictures of the dress and pictures of the dress measurements when the dress is finished. Once we receive the message confirming everything is perfect, we will proceed to ship the dress to your home.

- Please message me so I can guide you on how to get your exact measurements. Measurements need to be accurate so we can give you a perfect fit, which is important.

* For accurate measurement, please contact us for detailed measuring instructions.
1/ Entire bust: ..... inch (the largest part of bust)
2/ Waist circumference: ..... inch
3/ Full hips: .....inch (the largest part of the Hips)
4/ Dress length: ..... (from neck to toe)
5/ The height of the shoes you will wear on your wedding day: ..... inch
6/ Height from head to toe: ....
- If the skirt has sleeves, add:
7/ Sleeve length: .....inch (from shoulder to sleeve length you want)
8/ Sleeve hole: ....inch
9/ Biceps: ..... inch
-Can you please put the tape measure from zero and measure the body measurements. To ensure accurate measurements, please ask someone you know to take a photo of your body measurements. Then send me the measurements you just took. Let me double check the body measurements you sent me are correct or not before I cut the fabric for you. This is very important to have the perfect dress that fits like a glove.

- Ordering clothes online sometimes will have a few small details on the clothes that are not as expected, so when preparing a budget, you can save an extra amount in case there is an adjustment when trying on. Don't worry though, this is rare, but I need to tell you first.

- If you have plenty of time left after receiving the outfit, you can send it back for us to repair for free and you only have to pay the shipping fee.

- Once you have used the costume please no refund.

Thank you very much!